Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Krynn-our furry surprise

May 22 2010 my sister came over around 11am to spend the day with Tegan and I while Zach was at work. A few hours after her arrival visiting family of the people across the street rang my door bell. They proceed to explain that it sounded like a cat was stuck in under my sisters hood. Scared at what we may find the two of us walked out to her car and we popped the hood. After a a couple of minutes of following the tiny mewo we found the cutest pair of blue eyes looking up at us from my sisters engine. My sister said thought she heard a weird noise on her 15 min drive over. Shockingly the tiny 1.4lb kitten was perfect other than a few singed eye brows. After seeing how tiny and helpless she was and the stress filled life she has already had we decided to keep her. I just couldn't allow her to go to a pet store or shelter and sit in a cage not knowing who would adopt her. Even though we already had two cats and a dog and we really never wanted another pet we just had to give her a happy home. So we took her in and named her Krynn. She was meant to be apart of our family. Tegan totally loves and adores her! Non of our other animals let her touch them and Krynn excepts all the love that Tegan is willing to dish out. Tegan just wants to sit and cuddle her all day. If Krynn jumps down Tegan cries her little heart out. They are going to grow up to be the very best of friends. I never knew we needed another pet until this sweet little girl hitched a ride to my house and brought happiness to our precious little girl. Sometimes the things you need in life are things you never knew you needed at all.

Enjoy all the pictures!!!!

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